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  • Jessica Stong

Choosing Courage

What does it mean to choose courage?

I think it’s different for us all. For me, when I choose courage, I no longer let fear rule my life. I am confident; I am not afraid to let me light shine bright. 

You should know that it wasn’t always this way. I went through some dark times, and chose to sit on the sidelines for far too long. My relationships suffered; I wasn’t the best parent I could be. I didn’t take chances and I certainly didn’t embrace my “journey.” I felt trapped.

Over time I realized that I had a choice - I could embrace my story, my strength and find the courage to grow or continue to be half of myself and shrink into fear.

So I chose courage.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. - Anais Nin

It wasn’t easy, but I know it was worth the fight and the pain. I am better because of the work I put into myself. I don’t run from hard problems or conversations or situations anymore. I am full of light and love because I made the choice to live. I am also a better wife, mother, daughter and friend; I can sit with others’ happiness and pain and coach them to a better life. 

Most importantly, I know that courage is a habit.

Just like we can train for a marathon, we can train ourselves to be courageous. And most of all, we can help others around us (our children, families, friends, colleagues and strangers) recognize their full potential through our own everyday small (or giant) acts of courage. 

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