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  • Jessica Stong


I’ve decided to participate in Five Minute Friday. Gulp. I love to write, but my mind takes awhile to get going. And five minutes is up shockingly fast. But in the spirit of vulnerability and trying, here goes.

This week’s prompt is opportunity. And boy, this brought up a lot. I feel I’ve squandered some excellent and exciting opportunities in my life. But I decided to focus on my most recent changes/opportunities to contain this exercise to five minutes.Want to join in on the fun? For more information, visit the Five Minute Friday website.


I was recently presented with an opportunity to stop and reflect. In this, I am called reflect on all I’ve been given, what I’ve accomplished, and how much I yearn for more opportunities. I must be honest: I didn’t welcome or even appreciate this opportunity at first. I was too afraid to see what was being offered.

My health started to decline and I spent numerous nights in the hospital. I didn’t embrace the experience as a time to pause, but I instead filled my time with endless, mind-numbing hours on Netflix and YouTube. I was certain that I would be back to health in a few days - that the droop of my face and the difficulty walking was but a temporary annoyance.

And it is. This is all temporary.

The most beautiful part is that we get to choose how we will make the most of the these great opportunities here on earth. 

I know this: through His Love we are meant for more. More goodness, more love, more light. And that is where I choose to focus my heart: on the opportunity for more. We are called to more.

With this admission, I realize that I grateful for the opportunity to reflect on each day as a new opportunity to become more. For the gift of perspective AND opportunity, even when it hurts or is scary.

With love and light,


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