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  • Jessica Stong

My Daily Practice

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Here goes another Five Minute Friday.

This week’s prompt is: Practice. (A doozy! In the spirit of vulnerability, I am trying write with and from my heart.  But phew, it’s not easy!!)

My daily practice.

Back in the olden days, before kids, before the stress of the world hit my shoulders, I often spent a lot of time discussing the object and outcomes of my daily practice of yoga. My practice involved a number of poses, completed with structural integrity and strength. I thought about prayer and meditation, but I was too busy performing (or asking God for more so I could do more). My practice was solely about doing and not reflecting or listening.

Even as a yoga instructor, I often encouraged students to establish a daily practice with the intention of growing their awareness, but, most importantly, their power. This practice wasn't about the practice of living, but of following the old adage, "practice makes perfect."

Walking through life, learning about the rhythms and seasons of our years, and being asked/forced to confront a health crisis, I’ve learned to adopt a new practice.

Now I come to visit each day with a practice of prayer, reflection, journaling, study, and silence.

My daily practice is now not about my power, but God’s strength.

When I briefly lost my ability to control my legs, I was stuck wondering what kind of person I could be if I wasn’t “doing.” Then I learned that my practice, my daily exercise, was to sit with my thoughts and learn to appreciate the stillness. And in that calm place, I was able to listen and hear God’s voice - on and off the mat. Even if I sat quietly without any poses, my practice was fruitful. 

Through this daily work, this practice of reflection and awe, I found myself again. I am able to now walk with God (even when my physical legs were fail me) in peace. I’m no longer focused on obtaining power and perfection, but of perfect peace. 

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