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  • Jessica Stong

Your Mindfulness Journey

I believe that mindfulness can restore courage and help us live more fully in this world. We can also work to support the growth and strength of others through our mindful presence.

Mindfulness also encourages us to see the ourselves, others and the world with greater clarity. It is in this clarity that we can see that our problems aren't insurmountable; that the conversation you are afraid to have won't be as scary as you expect.

Being mindful can help you find the ability to choose how you respond in situations instead of allowing them to determine your response for you. It's being aware in the present moment of your thoughts and how they are impacting your emotions, actions, and results.

Our thoughts can get overwhelming at times. Staying mindful always us to use our brains to process these thoughts that trigger our emotions and how we show up in the world (our actions). With mindfulness, we can choose new thoughts or new actions to reset the process.

It's like that, mindfulness gives up choice and control. Because in deep awareness and presence, we begin to see that we have agency over our lives. And that is true freedom.

So join me this week, and every week, in choosing mindfulness.

Consider the times in which you rush through life. Can you stop and breathe? (Often times, I'm rushing so much that I forget how much deep breaths replenish and heal me. It's like they instantly help me find my center.)

And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter or listen to the podcast on Your Mindfulness Journey. I can't wait to hear how you use mindfulness in your own lives! Feel free to email me at hello@jessicastong.com or leave your comments below!

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